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General Information About Vaavu Atoll

Heaven for adventures and scuba divers, Vaavu is an administrative atoll in the Maldives. Located between South Male Atoll and Meemu Atoll, Vaavu is also known as the natural Felidhoo Atoll, which includes the ring-shaped Vattaru reef (in the south of the atoll). The capital of Vaavu is Felidhoo island. The Vaavu Atoll collection includes 5 inhabited islands. To get to the islands of Vaavou Atoll you can by ferry or speedboat. A trip from Male takes from 1 hour by speedboat or 3 hours by ferry to the nearest Fulidhoo Island.

Vaavu is the smallest of all atolls in terms of population density. The lack of people led to deserted white beaches and stunning natural scenery. Even among the Maldivians, who are already difficult to impress with turquoise pictures of paradise, these islands are famous for their natural beauty.

Relatively undeveloped, Vaavu is known in the Maldives as the best fishing spot. Sport fishing in Vaavu Atoll is one of the main tourist baits, especially for those who seek the thrill and dreams of large prizes, including blue marlin, sailfish, dog-tuna fish, and GT (giant trevally). Fishing on the reef is the main occupation for the locals.

Vaavu atoll has been exposed to tourism since 1975 and the atoll has been a great favourite with dive liveaboards and cruise operators. However it is more isolated and less commercialised than any of the other tourist atolls.

There are only three resorts in the Vaavu atoll: Cinnamon Velifushi, Alimatha and Dhigghiri, but the last years saw a rapid growth in budget tourism in populated islands. Guest houses, lodges and mini-hotels are becoming a familiar part of the interior of many islands. For foreign tourists it is an excellent opportunity to discover the authentic Maldives, hospitality and culture. The islands still retain the idyllic atmosphere of relaxed island life.

Formed by 19 islands, Vaavu atoll, Maldives is also a paradise for divers. The pristine atoll’s waters can boast of many world-class dive sites, unique marine reserves and house reefs, the most famous of which is Fottheyo Falhu – one of the most beautiful, the longest continuous reef in the Maldives, which literally teems with marine life. The 3 of the 5 islands have their own diving schools, offering standart PADI courses and certification.

Despite the fact that outwardly all the atolls are one face, each of them nevertheless has its own identity and Vaavu can be characterized by two things: fishing and music. Fishermen come here from all over the country with confidence to fish large flocks of tuna, and when not at sea, they can relax, listening to the sounds of traditional drums and tambourines at the cultural event Langiri or Boduberu