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General Information About Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah is an atoll made up of just one island and is one of the most unique islands in Maldives. Its area is about 5 square kilometers. Fuvahmulah is world famous for its diving. Divers can get to see Tiger Sharks, Hammerheads, Thresher Sharks, Oceanic Manta and many other pelagic fish.

The island has two fresh water lakes, Dhadimagi Kilhi and Bandaara Kilhi, surrounded by vast wetland, locally known as Veedhado. The wetland is now a protected area. Fuvahmulah Nature Park is located in Dhadimagi Kilhi. Visitors can enjoy canoeing or pedal boating. There area variety of bird and dragonfly species in the area.

On the South end of the island is the famous Thoondu beach. With its sparkling pebbles and beach breaks, its truly a unique beach in Maldives. The sandy beach seasonally shifts between the west and eastern side of the island, due to wave and ocean currents. During the shifting process sometime Bissaveli are formed. These are pools of seawater in the middle of the beach. They are typically few feet deep, but there have been Bissaaveli that were much deeper.

The island is divided in to eight districts: Dhadimagu, Dhiguvaando, Hoadhadu, Maadhadu, Miskimmagu, Maalegan, Funaadu and Dhoondigan. Fuvahmulah is known for its lush greenery. The main farming area is now near Thoondu beach. With a domestic airport, getting to Fuvahmulah is easy. Regular ferries operate between Fuvahmulah and neighboring atolls.